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Revolutionizing Care
for Rare Blood Diseases 

Harnessing the Power of Imaging and

Machine Learning for Transformative Blood Analysis

KovaDx revolutionizes blood cell analysis using Quantitative Phase Imaging and Machine Learning. 

In our work with Sickle Cell, we’ve developed an innovative Red Blood Cell Health Index.

Our device can be used to monitor drug candidates' therapeutic impacts in pre-clinical and clinical trials.


Our Solution

How Our Device Works


1-2 Drops of Blood

3D Images of RBC


 Deep Learning Model


Deliver results with high specificity and sensitivity, relevant to the disease of interest


Get multiplexed results with just one drop of blood, all achieved efficiently through our ensemble of machine learning models


Designed for convenient use at the point of care, even in patients’ homes

Why us?


In Development

Rare blood diseases impacting RBC morphology

Next Stage

Hematological disorders

Future Applications

Diseases Impacting Complete Blood Count and blood morphology 

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